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Your No. 1 blog source for rantings on The Sonics, The NBA, Voodoo, Chicken Bones, and Penis Invertings

Stepping into the confession booth

Alright. Let's just get this out of the f**king way right now. I did NOT have Manu in my top 10. Let's all take off the homer glasses for just a second and acknowledge that The Sickness did have The Timmeh's help, along with that of a wee frenchman, the defensive ankle breaker that be Bruce Bowen, and of course the ever under-rated Raaaaashoo!

In MY LIST, I had Ginobili #15. Rightfully a respectful distance from the top 10.

Ray Allen was #19.

Yes. Manu is better than Ray. You may now step up and rip off my Sonics badge of loyalty. I hope someone can take satisfaction from that sentence.

Ever so briefly, what are some of the more popular opinions on why Sugar Ray should be considered better than Manu?

-He's the superstar! the guy on the team that not only fills up the stat sheets, but breaks backs, nails coffins and seals fates of opposing teams when it comes to The Crunch. And yes, truly it is a responsibility only an elite few can carry on their shoulders (unlike Dy-Lan "the whole world rests on my shoulders!" of Da Band fame).

And yes, this is true of Ray. The Kings game in which he was hearing signals from outer space comes to mind. More importantly Rashard's panty performance in that same series.... don't even get me started. Only proves the importance of having someone who won't wet himself when a Man is needed. There IS something to be said for having a guy willing and able to make the big shot.

And 05 playoffs/finals Manu did exactly that.

-But Ray's a waaay better offensive player, right?
Ummm, not really.

While Ray undoubtedly is one of the game's pre-eminent pure shooters, Manu averages more pts per shot attempt, and has a higher usage rating than Allen. I'll say it again, as great an offensive talent as Ray is, he'd be even better if he drove in more often and took advantage of his gawdy FT%. I mean, does anyone even remember that Ray partook in the Slam Dunk contest once!? Do you Ray? Huh? Do ya?! In de face Ray! Shoot it in de face of that damn muther bastard!! At least once in a while please!

-But surely age will catch up to the balding Sickness right!!
Manu: 27
Ray: 29
To do list for Senor Allen: call up MJ and Reggie and learn the ancient art of The Basketball Crane: ye' olde fadeaway jumpshot with leg overly extended to catch the defenders body and get to the line move.

-He's a better defen...
Uhhh. No.

That about sums it up.

Oh yeah. F**k Manu. F**k Bowens. F**k TP. F**k you and your whole MF'ing crew. Thug life 4-eva beeyatch!

go sonics!! yeahh!!

and back to our regularly scheduled program.

#11. Andre Kirilenko
Position: SF
Ht/Wt: 6'-9" 220lbs
Age: 24
Nicknames: hmmm...
Fun facts: Shiba's website is best seen to be fully appreciated. If I interpret correctly Alfredo's fantasy world would include endlessly playing with children, spending countless hours on the computer, and owning a menagerie of dogs, horses, pumas, and jaguars (move over Jacko, you've got company.) He also likes dill, ice cream, and non-alchoholic cocktails. (that'll be one cosmopolitan bartender... with a cherry and umbrella please.)

The skinny on The Skinny: 1.15PSA, 13.4ppg, 6.1rpg, 2.2apg, 2.4bpg in 30.6mpg career averages. And a damn fine defender and teammate. With great hairstyles.
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