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Splitting hairs...

#7. Tracy McGrady
Position: SG
Ht/Wt: 6'-8" 210lbs
Age: 26
Fun Fact: Part of Tracy's deal with the Rockets is that he has his own jet

Another deviation between myself and Matt on this one. I had T-Mac ahead of Kobe by the narrowest of margins. Thought process:

Here's Kobe's stats.

Kobe has the edge in scoring efficiency, T-Mac has a slight rebounding and blocking ability advantage. Ability to create shots, wether posting up, the pull-up J from downtown, driving in, creating And-1 situations, & highlight reels? Kobe edged him out in this fun stat this year (both top 5) although T-mac has a career edge. Splitting hairs really. Kobe's got 3 rings to T-Mac... so there's THAT too.

To me the decision came down to 3 things: Being the Man i.e. "Clutchability", Defense, and Versatility.

Clutch factor: playoff game on the line, down by x, x:00 minutes, or seconds remaining, who do you want with the ball? Two years ago, I give Kobe the outright edge. But post 05 Season /Playoffs McGrady performance? Post 05 regular season Spurs-Rockets game in which T-Mac scored a gajillion straight points with 30 seconds to pull of the improbable comeback? T-Mac's finally realized he's a great big bear, and is finally using his fangs and claws to tear up NBA rabbits everywhere. He's all growns up peeps.
Advantage: Draw

Defense: Again edge used to be outright Kobe's The generally accepted notion several years ago was that Kobe was a +defender and T-mac had the ability, but was non-committal/lazy on the Def. end. I'm not sure that edge exists anymore. If it does, I would guess the gap is no longer that huge between the two. So, regarding the present/immediate future, guarding SG's I'd call it a slight wash b/n the two, maybe a slight edge to Kobe.
Slight advantage: Kobe (maybe)

BUT, T-Mac is 6'-8" (kobe's 6'-6") with a considerably longer wingspan and, as shown in the Dallas series, has the ability to guard when the occasion dictates, the other teams star SF or PF. I'm not saying he locked Dirk down in that series, but that ability, to me, is a huge plus.
Advantage: T-Mac

Yet again, like the KG over TD choice, I have no problem with others preferring Kobe over T-Mac. But for me, it's T-Mac in 05.

(And if you consider my choice Kobe-hatin' influenced, read on.)
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